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Headed to Europe for a skiing vacation before this winter is over, but not sure where you can afford just yet? Don’t worry there are several wonderful resorts that have everything you need or want at reasonable prices. Here are the best of them:

Krkonose, Czech Republic

This location gives you a selection of areas to ski to, so it’s not your usual go up the lift and ski back to the lodge ski trip. When planning on skiing in the Krkonose Mountains (also known as the Big Mountains) tourists must decide which of the vast regions available to visit, before setting out. The distinct districts on the mountain include west, centra and eastern areas. Each of these areas is home to several mountains, towns and villages each unique unto themselves. Brimming with forests, meadows, and great ski slopes, the town also offers many amenities for visitors. There are abundant networks of well-maintained cross-country ski routes. Jilemnice in the west portion of the Czech Republic Mountains is considered the gateway to the west region. The low-lying town can be enjoyed in both winter and summer. It’s notable for a lengthy history, as well as a great spot for hiking and cycling tours. Strazne in the central area has a children’s ski school, professional ski schools, a freestyle snow-park and equipment rental services.

Zakopane, Poland

Over in Poland there is an economical location for your skiing pleasure as well. In fact there’s hardly a better ski town than Zakopane (here you can find some great hotels in Zakopane). When it comes to the many sights, sounds, smells and slopes, this place is up there with the best of the best! Nestled in the core of the Tatra Mountains – the peak of the Carpathians, one of the northeastern offshoots of the Alps – Zakopane keeps its visitors happy and coming back again for more. The surrounding environments are in pristine shape, a natural repercussion of the environmental protection efforts set up. Currently, you’ll find around 50 ski lifts in this area and this number is growing constantly due to the rapid growth of popularity in the region.

Borovets, Bulgaria

Located in Bulgaria is Borovets, a modern ski resort located in the Rila Mountain. The resort features luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and a good choice of pistes and lifts. Borovets is an Alpine styled resort, providing very good conditions for snow sports during the winter. The conditions in the winter are great for everything from snowboarding, ski-doo, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon; but most importantly skiing, and night skiing. There are ski runs for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers. The resort authorities continue developing the newest attraction in the resort, Borosport Snow Park. The snow park will offer additional elements and configurations for beginners, and it will be serviced by two drag lifts.

Montgenèvre, France

Montgenèvre, a small French resort located on the Italian border, 75 minutes by road from Turin airport. These unpretentious, family-friendly resorts have plenty of the traditional Alpine charm, while the bars and shops, strung along the village’s main road, give it all the trappings expected of a modern ski village. It is actually one of France’s oldest resorts, being built in 1907. In the Thirties, it was rather fashionable and was revived when the 2006 Olympics were held in neighboring Via Lattea. Things have recently become trendier, with the building of a boutique hotel and stylish self-catering apartments. The town’s mayor has re-routed cross-border traffic out of the main village, making it once again the quiet resort it used to be. An excellent period to stay here is from February 1.

Hochfügen, Austria

At the entrance to the Zillertal Valley, rests the ski resort of Hochfügen. It has one of the best slope qualities, top infrastructure and diversified slopes that guarantee an unforgettable skiing experience in the ski resort, on 181 kilometers of slope. With a diversified range of slope exposures, quick access possibilities, nearly endless off-piste possibilities and an amazing range of special services and course offers, Hochfügen has also become a renowned Backcountry Paradise. No matter whether on or off the piste, the great snow allows Hochfügen to guarantee everything that sport enthusiasts could desire on their winter Group ski holidays. Get into the scene and enjoy a great, affordable skiing experience with slopes right next to the car park. Exhilarating experiences don’t always have to break the bank.