Canal Cruise Amsterdam

If you would like to experience a cruise through Amsterdam look no further. The Canal Cruise Amsterdam guarantees a great view of the capital, which is an unforgettable experience. Other than the views of the city, you will learn facts about Amsterdam. The crew that will take you around will answer your questions first-hand. You will not be treated like an ordinary person. You will not miss anything at any point. Our crew will assist you to order snacks and drinks as you float on the canals of Amsterdam. Floating Amsterdam has different packages that you can select. The great of all is the luxury Canal Cruise Amsterdam. You will uniquely enjoy the views of Amsterdam. As you move around, you will learn about the details of the city. Floating Amsterdam does not see you as an ordinary guest, is why you are guaranteed a great user experience.

The Canal Cruise with lunch or dinner

Floating Amsterdam has a package that will have you cruise through the canals of Amsterdam while enjoying your lunch or dinner. That experience will stay with you for many years. You can have a boat and choose to go with family, friends, or business partners. You will be given the liberty to choose what you want to eat. Our crew can assist you to choose as there are many possibilities. The evening cruise is mind-blowing and is the greatest experience of all. During summer, when the temperatures are high during the day, the evening cruise is applicable. The atmosphere is magical during the evening hours. You will enjoy the cool breeze while you enjoy your drink or meal. The only thing that will be expected of you is to sit and enjoy your experience. Floating Amsterdam will ensure that you enjoy all the experiences.