There are many, many different bikes that you could use to make a café racer. Of course, some are more suitable than others. Over the years there have been quite a few models of existing bikes that people have turned into stunning café racers. But, which are the best ones? It will be hard to decide on that, because the answer to this question is almost certainly subjective. That didn’t stop us from trying though! Below you can read about our favorite types of bike that you can turn into a café racer!

The Honda CB750

Arguably one of the best types of bikes to make a café racer out of. You wouldn’t be the first one to try, that is for sure. This means it can be difficult to find parts, but luckily there are websites like to help you in that department. So, if you’re looking for a bike to make a café racer out of, this one is a safe choice.

The BMW-R series

Yet another crowd favorite is the brand BMW. Especially their R series are perfect as base for your café racer build. The quirky fuel tank and quality of the BMW branded products ensure you will have no issue building a strong, beautiful café racer!

Yamaha Virago’s

Another nice choice for your build is the Yamaha Virago. These go for prices equally beautiful as the bikes themselves and were Yamaha’s first V-Twin cruiser bikes to have ever been made. If you’re looking for an affordable yet original build, the Virage might just be the perfect start for you!

Tastes differ

As we said in the introduction, your taste might be different. We hope that you will somewhat agree with our favorites though, for they are all timeless classics in their own right.