Journal book

As you may have heard, journaling is very effective; many people can attest to it. If you are looking to start the helpful process buying a journal book is the first step. It’s a very personal journey; that’s why you should always go with what works for you. There are various ways you can choose to keep a journal as long as it helps you achieve what you want. You can keep specific journals for different aspects of your life, like a travel journal, dream journal or one journal for everything.

Journal book

Journaling Tips

Set achievable goals. Sometimes your vision board can be discouraging to look at if the goals you set are not possible. If you set achievable goals, it will be easy to track your progress and motivate yourself to do more. Start small; when you are new to journaling, it can be overwhelming and intimidating; that’s why you should progress slowly. You don’t need to write every morning; the journaling times can change throughout the day. Write affirmations; these affirmations are psychological tools powerful enough to empower you to go forward.

Carry your journal with you. You never know what time inspiration will strike or when you might need to consult your journal. It is a good reminder and can help you keep up with your to-do list. Have a tracking page to help you celebrate small wins. It’s crucial to pat yourself on the back every time you achieve a set goal. Ensure you capture ideas, dreams and plans as soon as they occur.


To ensure your journal book is practical, follow the tips mentioned above. Without structure, it will be tough to chase your dreams and keep yourself motivated for the future. Journaling will help massively.