For Formula 1 drivers, racing overalls are the standard Sunday thing. You will always or mostly see these outfits in their traditional team colours, however sometimes a simple racing overall is transformed into a crazy and unique edition. In this article I have listed 3 special racing overalls which will amaze you.

#3 Superman returns race overall

Back in 2006 during the grand prix of Monaco, Red bull racing was sponsored by the Superman Returns movie. As you can see the drivers were wearing the superman overall with the iconic ‘S’ on their chest including a cape to complete the whole superman appearance. It was David Coulthard who brought the car home and finished at the 3rd position during that weekend, and of course he wore the superman outfit on the podium.

#2 Die Lederhosen Overall

In 2016 Red Bull Racing got into the spirit of its home grand prix weekend by handing their drivers, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, lederhosen-themed racing overalls. It was their clothing brand sponsor, Puma, who designed this special traditional leather looking costume, it even have bretels if you look closely on the picture. The race weekend had a difficult start for Verstappen, however he managed to get on podium with a beautiful p2!

#3 007 Rracing overall

The name is Max, Max Verstappen. In 2019 Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin came with a special James Bond racing overall for 1.007th grand prix.  As a true ‘special agent’ Verstappen appeared with then teammate Pierre Gasly wrapped in 007 racing overall at the start of the British grand prix weekend. Traces of the 007 were also be found on the RB15.

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