Stainless steel deburring machine

Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials and commonly used in the finishing industry. Unfortunately, by shaping the steel, there appear burrs on the surface because of the friction and wear; burrs are small, spiky nodes which aren’t always visible for the naked eye. Many burrs can even cause fractures to develop in the steel over time. So it is very important to remove these burrs from the steel’s surface. But removing them is costing you a lot of time and money right? Well, a company called “Q-fin” has developed a stainless steel deburring machine, which will do all the work for you and is giving you the opportunity to save time and money!

Quality Finishing

Steel deburring machine

This stainless steel deburring machine is developed to remove the burrs in the steel surface quickly and professionally. Q fin provides in only the best quality machinery for deburring stainless steel parts. Owners can choose from a huge range of different options, so there is always a deburring machine that suits your company best. The Q-fin team is happy to explain why a small investment can lead to saving a lot of money for every owner of a steel working factory. You can contact them any time you prefer.

Starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner

If you’re choosing starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner, the company “set-up your Dutch company” certainly can assist you. You really never have to set foot in the Netherlands, the company will guide you by taking care of all the required aspects in the Netherlands. There’s an high amount of different foreign entrepreneurs doing business in Holland this way, that’s also one of the main reasons why the Dutch speak the English (business)language very well. The ‘set-up your Dutch company’ has a lot of experience in guiding new business owners in starting a new company in the Netherlands while never leaving their own residence.


How this company can assist you in starting your business in Holland

The company need you to fill in a small checklist so they have the information needed to help you open your company in a short amount of time. They need only 5 working days to provide all the Dutch requirements and get you started! Services they offer for new business owners are;

– opening a Dutch company bank account

– obtaining a VAT number

– several accountancy- and secretary services

– and off course dealing with the tax for your company.

IC Markets review

IC Markets was founded in 2007 in Australia by financial professionals. It is a true ECN forex broker. This means you have entrance to institutional grade liquidity, with spreads as tight as 0.0 pips. IC Markets offers online brokerage services for forex trading, with choices of indices, futures and commodities. It’s built by traders, for traders and it is registered by the ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Trading in a true ECN environment

If you trade in this true ECN environment, the broker has no dealing desk and is not trading against his clients. So, you can be sure this is a highly recommended broker. IC Markets allows all trading styles, scalpers and robots are also welcome.

Why trade with IC Markets?

There is a wide variety of online brokers, so why you should trade with IC Markets? The most important reason to trade with IC Markets is, because this broker is not trading against you. Besides that IC Markets offers:

  • A few trading platforms, like cTrader and MT4
  • 20 trading tolls on MT4
  • Superior liquidity
  • Webinars with trader experts
  • Highly qualified customer service
  • Tight spreads, superior technology, fast execution
  • No trade sizes limits or restrictions
  • A minimum deposit of $200

The aim of IC Markets is to offer retail clients the same trading solutions as institutional clients and investment banks. This means a highly qualified service, very tight spreads, fast executions and much liquidity.