Are you looking for content insurance? Then there are a couple of aspects that you need to pay attention to. First of all it is a good idea to think about protection  against things you can’t do anything about like fire. Also things like welding must be declared to the insurance company. On you find all of the information needed about the insurance companies all around Europe.

A cheap content insurance for your warehouse

If you are looking for affordable insurance for all of your content that has good service? Then you can look for good content insurance on What exactly is a content insurance? A content insurance is an insurance that compensates a lot of different damage done to your warehouse or house that you can do nothing about. Things like a storm, fire or theft are all compensated by the insurance company. summarized it means a insurance of all of your goods, machines, cars, furniture and everything else that is inside of your building used for doing your work as a company.

Protected against water damage

Water damage is covered to a certain extent. Water damage is covered if it is a result from heavy rainfall, snow or a leak in the roof. Also water damage is covered if it results from leaking pipes or leaking airco’s.

Damage due to storm

A storm can be quite heavy on a building. Everything that is a bit loose or not sturdy enough can be massively hit by a storm.