Used coaches buses

The safety of passengers is paramount to any transport company. There should be safety measures to keep the used coach buses in shape after use for some time. Such are practices we pride in for safer logistics. There are different types of buses which need different attention. Various bus manufacturing companies have different mechanical engineering processes which need unique attention. Our work is to ensure all issues are resolved irrespective of the bus brand.


Type of Buses

Volvo buses are quite popular because of their durability and adaptability to the terrain. We have buses that date as far as 2006. The Volvo models available include the 7709L, 7700 B-9L, 8700 BLE, B12BLE Skive and the 7700 hybrid.
MAN is also another brand with great mechanical power. These buses are famed for their “manly” engines built to withstand harsh terrain. We have the City A78, Caetano, Coach R08 and City T A78 in store.

Mercedes is another brand famed for luxury and efficiency. Their buses are designed to create an impression on distances, making them enjoyable and forthcoming. We have the Citaro 0530, Sprinter 616, Sprinter 516 CDI, Sprinter 616 CDI and Conectos series in store.

There are other brands in store, among them Scania (OmniCity, OmniCity CN94UB and OmniCIty K230UB), VDL Ambassador (SB200), Van Hool (A330), Neoplan Centroliner (N4416) and the Otakar Vectio. All these used coach buses are in good shape, well services and have a guarantee.