If you have a company which is involved in the metal based industrial sector, fluidforming can provide you many benefits. What is fluidforming? And what are the benefits?

What is fluidforming?

Fluidforming is an industry-changing reinvention of hydroforming. It’s the first major innovation in the metal forming technology in more than 60 years. Fluidforming is different than traditional sheet metal stamping and hydroforming. The fluidforming technology uses liquid tap water with forming pressures that are higher than tradition hydroforming. Thanks to the higher forming pressures, Phoenix is able to form complex and highly-detailed parts. We do this at an overall cost that is lower than parts that are produced by conventional metal stamping.

The benefits of fluidforming

Many industries can appreciate the advantages of fluidforming. It’s a revolutionary process for product engineers, executives and manufacturing engineers. Some benefits of fluidforming:
  • Price minimisation
  • Prototyping
  • Higher strength materials
  • High surface quality
  • A flexible production system
  • Optimal quality
  • Sophisticated designs

Want to know more about fluidforming?

Do you want to know more about fluidforming? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our specialists will inform you about our innovative and unique techniques.