Shared hosting is a life-saving option for those who have basic websites and blogs. However, when the site is a critical marketing tool for an organisation, I often suggest moving to a dedicated server. However, when money is a crucial factor, I find the VPS server better than any shared hosting plan. In a virtual private server, the resources of a physical server are shared among different clients using virtual partitions, hence the name. Unlike shared hosting, the problems in any of the sites hosted in the server do not affect the others. Thanks, to the latest virtualisation technology, I can get the same server configurations as with a dedicated server.

VPS server

It Is Worth the Price Tag

The solid-state drive is the new norm for VPS servers. At the first mention of SSD storage, many people point to the price tag, but I find the user experience worth it. SSD offers faster rebooting, and the transfer speed is 20 times faster than of the HDDs used in most shared hosting services. I also find SDD more resilient during power failures. I prefer a managed VPS server to an unmanaged one because I do not have to learn the latest server skills to keep my server up to date. It costs a little more, but the peace of mind is priceless. The location of the server is also essential as some countries have better data protection laws than others. Canada tops my list of reliable locations when data security is a priority.