Are you coming to Amsterdam and you want to experience the Dutch nightlife to its fullest? Do you want to enjoy several discounts while doing this? If so, then you are at the right page! Amsterdam is mostly known for its nightclubs, events and other cool experiences. With Amsterdam Nightlife, you can reap the benefits of these events and experiences for only €10,-. Are you wondering which benefits you get? Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot! For example, Amsterdam Nightlife provides you access to 30+ nightclubs, a welcome shot at 9 nightclubs and free casino admission. In short, you will definitely be able to profit from this! Want to know more? Read more below!

What are the advantages?

With a Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you get access to participating clubs, special events and experiences for 2 or 7 days. Furthermore, you will get a welcome shot at one of the 9 nightclubs. The selected nightclubs are one of the most popular nightclubs in Holland. The Amsterdam Nightlife ticket will also give you free entrance at Holland Casino with a  free welcome drink. This is not all, because at the Hardrock Café you will get 2 cocktails for the price of 1. Pretty much for €10,-, right?

Powerzone Amsterdam

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you will get 2 hours of bowling for the price of 1. Can you imagine it? Bowling with your friends with lots of drinks and laughter: before going out of course! The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket provides plenty of options for you in the exciting Amsterdam nightlife, as mentioned before. Also, for gold and laser-tag, every other person receives a free admission. In recent years laser-tag has become more popular, some say it’s even more popular than paintball. It’s definitely a recommended activity to do in Amsterdam while you’re on vacation!