bamboo furniture

Looking for some nice new furniture to dress up your living room, garden or any room for that matter? A lovely theme to go for is a more naturalistic setting. This can easily be achieved by using bamboo furniture. Besides the fact that bamboo has very neutral and aesthetically pleasing colors, the material is also extremely rigid. This makes it possible for the bamboo to be used in different forms and shapes for specific objects and maintain its structural integrity where other materials would show many weak points.

bamboo furniture

Benefits of bamboo versus other hardwoods

Using treated bamboo helps protect the furniture against termites and increases its durability even further. Bamboo furniture will not expand or shrink in moist or dry environments making it perfectly capable to even build walls or rooves. The material’s natural toughness also makes it more scratch-resistant than most hardwoods and allows it to retain its color and brightness for years longer than other materials.

Bamboo can be grown without the interference of hazardous chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. That means the material is 100% organic and bamboo furniture has greatly reduced health risks compared to other materials.

When using bamboo, it is recommend to clean the material regularly to prevent the decay of it’s brightness. However cleaning is incredibly simple as you would only require a small broom, soft towel and some mild soap to clean it. When bamboo is wet, let it dry before handling the material to prevent structural damage.