Only when you’re sure that your car is capable of delivering the performance you demand of it, of course. Thanks to our broad range of components and accessories, this shouldn’t prove to be that difficult!

However, in order to achieve victory, you’ll need more than just that. We assume you’ve acquired skills of a certain level as a driver. Combine these with a total understanding of your vehicle and everything that it needs in order to perform at maximum capacity and nothing will stand in between your and certain victory. Suddenly, that little piece or tarmac that bridges the gap between the finish line and yourself, rapidly loses its significance. Make sure that you maintain this situation by applying every part that you need in order to be the first to complete that final lap!


So, we’ve got speed and we’ve got skill. But what about the comfort of the driver and your Honda’s longevity? These are also important factors that play an integral part in your performance. Therefore, be aware of any excessive noises and vibrations. As soon as they begin to become more and more frequent, you’ll need our professional Hardrace components to deal with them. Reduce these disturbances and make sure that your car is in excellent condition as soon as you claim the top position! Make sure that you balance out your speed, skill, comfort and the state of your car during every race to enjoy your favourite vehicle for many a competition. Trust the components from major manufacturers at All4Honda!