Want to be healthier and maybe lose some weight? You might have already read that one way to do it is to eat less carbs and more protein. Overall you just have to eat less than you burn, or burn more than you eat, but cutting carbs could be a way to do so. But that doesn’t mean that you have to skip all the delicious foods that normally have a lot of carbs in them. In this article we will tell you more about substituting carbs!

Vegetable pizza crust

Who doesn’t love pizza? To bad it’s not really healthy. No, not even when you just put vegetables on it. The crust has lots of carbs and calories and that is, next to the loads of cheese, what’s most unhealthy about a pizza. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat pizza while you’re on a diet! You can choose a pizza with a vegetable crust! These crusts are made of at least 33% vegetables. You can buy these crusts in the supermarket and top them off with healthy ingredients.

Vegetable noodles, pasta and rice

Everybody loves noodles and pasta. But these products are also high in carbs and calories, and may not fit your diet. Luckily, there are some vegetable substitutes! When you’re craving some spaghetti, you can choose zucchini spaghetti. You can make those yourself using a scraper or a spirelli if you have one, but you can also buy ready-made zucchini noodles at the supermarket! When your making an Asian noodle dish, you can choose sweet potato or carrot noodles. Craving your favourite fried rice dish? Try making it with grated cauliflower or broccoli! You won’t taste the difference and it’s a lot healthier!

When dining out

When you’re on a diet, you might think that you can’t go to a restaurant. Usually, you might eat more than you should. You can still go out to a restaurant. Just try not to eat the bread and the fries that come with your dish. Most dishes at a restaurant consist of meat and vegetables, so it’s perfectly fine when your watching your carb intake!