Have you ever thought of your motorcycle being stolen?  Honestly, nobody wants to ever think of this nightmare. Personally, besides purchasing my bikes, I have invested a lot in them. From accessories to performance enhancements, saddlebags, among other things.

Thanks to common sense, good judgment practices, and luck, I have never experienced any bike associated theft. If you ride across various states and cover thousands of miles, consider yourself fortunate if your bike has never been jacked.

So, how can you make your motorbike as unattractive as possible to thieves? Motorcycle theft is on the rise hence the need to follow these simple rules and install the security devices I recommend below. Remember the old saying ‘If you want it bad enough, you will get it’? It applies to everything in life even bike theft.

Let’s get to it.

1. Use your steering lock

I know its common sense but you’d be surprised at the number of riders who ignore this. Almost every motorcycle comes with this simple security device so put it to good use before adding anything else.

2. Park strategically

Always park where you can keep an eye on your bike. If not, ensure it’s in a clear view of a security camera. Well, unless you are going into hiding.

3. Avoid leading thieves into temptation

Hiding your bike from prying eyes secures it as you lower the temptation of a potential thief. They can’t see it so they don’t know if it’s worth the risk. I do this by covering it with a dark and lightweight motorcycle cover. I use the Aerostich Ultralight cover that not only protects it from view but also weather elements.

4. Motorcycle locks

There are numerous lock solutions for your bike. From disc locks to U-locks, handlebar, throttle, chains and padlock combinations, among others. I use the dick lock and attach it to either the rear or front brake discs making it impossible for the motorbike to roll more than a few inches. The disc lock also has a motion and shock detector alarms. You can easily get this at a motorcycle parts shops.

5. GPS tracking system, ignition locks, and alarms

Visit an OEM motorcycle parts dealer and you’d be surprised at the technology solutions available for your specific motorcycle make to deter theft. For instance, shock-sensing and motion-detecting alarms will make the potential thief and nearby people run plugging their ears. Other systems use a combination of keyless ignition and alarms.

Also, if you have used all the anti-theft solutions and your bike was stolen, a GPS tracking device comes in handy.

These tips will help you sleep easier at night once you have implemented them. If you have given up on everything, go to Vermont, nobody steals motorcycles there.