I have always desired to own a motorcycle, and enjoy the thrill of super speed rides on a highway. When I finally got to own one, a Kawasaki Z1000, the first thing I learned was the importance of motorcycle helmet. With studies showing that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than a driving car, the helmet has become a lifesaver.

Helmet Shocker

Motorcycle helmet

My first shocker about helmets is that they are not designed to last the entire lifetime of the bike. Even if you do not use it often, a polycarbonate helmet will only last up to four to five years. Even a fibreglass helmet has only a seven-year lifespan.

Therefore, as expected, I had to replace my Kawasaki-branded helmet, though it still looked great after six years. Then I learnt of Furtamoto, an online store for motorcycle accessories. Here I found all types of motorcycle helmets. Though it stocks several brands, I have found it to be one of the few stores that have my favourite flip-up Shoei helmets.

Flip-Up Helmets

Motorcycle helmet

Flip-ups protect my face against dirt, insects, and wind. They also offer better aeration than the full-face helmets. I can ride on open-face mode when I need fresh air and then shut myself in when shifting to high speed. I prefer leaving cross helmets to sports riders, but I hear they are on a league of their own.

A Must Have Accessory: Anti-Fogging Visor System

The final must-have, from my experience, is a visor with an anti-fogging capability. I have found it invaluable in cold morning rides and during winter. While there are helmets with pre-installed pinlock visors, I prefer installing my own.