Are you looking for new software for your company? Or do you want to launch an application that can help your customers or employees provide information on a daily basis? Imagine; you will have to find the right developer. You exchange your ideas, and the developer starts to deal with it. But what if you can’t fully communicate your thoughts on the app right away? What if you are not immediately satisfied with the design? This communication alone requires a lot of time. Then we didn’t even mention money… so how easy is it if you can make your own app?

Develop oneself without knowledge

Nowadays, you can indeed easily develop your own software! More and more software programs (such as Triggre) are emerging, enabling you to create your own software. Even if you have no programming knowledge! With so-called no-code and low-code functions, the software gives you the opportunity to design your own screen through drag-and-drop functionality. All low-level aspects of the application, such as data information or making various functions work, will be automatically converted. Do you want to add a “click” button on the page? This action will be added in one second. Add a contact page? This is no problem! The underlying information is processed by the software itself. Therefore, you only need to consider the appearance of the application, and no longer have to worry about how it should work in the end.

Save time

Did you know that this way of working actually saves you half of the time needed to develop an application? With platforms like Triggre, this is even 5 times faster than other similar software programs. By registering for a free trial on, you can experience whether the software is right for you without having to spend the entire amount of money for the entire software first. Can’t figure it out? The Triggre support desk is happy to help you!