More and more innovations are being implemented in hospitals. It makes staff work faster and more lives can be saved. This proves once again that innovation is enormously important. In situations of crisis, something that hospitals are often in, innovation is generally faster. This is because it ensures that a solution to a problem must be found quickly. These solutions must then be quickly tested and applied in practice. Many other industries can take a lesson from this. For the hospital, it is obviously important that this happens quickly because there is pressure behind it. Not surprisingly, other industries are less likely to innovate. 

Computers on wheels 

You see it more and more in hospitals these days. Innovations that ensure that work is done faster. It ensures that more lives are saved and that more is learned about the human body. For example, the Amis computer on wheels is a good example of innovation. It makes it easy for people to work and help patients better. Because of this, these types of innovations are often praised. Also certainly from other industries where it is simply known that innovation is slower. 

Hospitals are doing a good job 

It is required of them and therefore they handle it well. They have to innovate and ensure that they can help their sick patients faster and better. By working hard at this, they ensure that they are ahead of other industries where it is also desperately needed. Every day the processes are examined and they look for weak spots. These weaknesses are resolved so that a better result can be achieved next time. This allows hospitals to grow quickly and gain even more appreciation from everyday people.