If you haven’t heard of Divitel yet, we would like to give you a little help in this article. We also want to show you the connection between Divitel and CloudTV. CloudTV is an important topic as many of you use it every day without even knowing it. 

What is Divitel?

Divitel is a company that provides video service software to its customers. Divitel is one of the best-known companies in this industry and was able to develop many revolutionary technologies that many of you use today.

Divitel was founded in 1996 and was already then committed to a future with digital television. At that time nobody could foresee how television would evolve, but the smart people at Divitel already knew this in 1996.

In 2003 Divitel even survived the famous “Internet Crash” in which many early Internet companies went bankrupt. Since then Divitel has been developing its offering and is now even starting to use artificial intelligence to optimize its software.

For these and many other reasons many companies in the world trust Divitel and this trust has definitely paid off in the past. It’s also important to mention that Divitel is one of the leaders in Cloud technology, which brings us to our next topic where we explain to you what exactly CloudTV is and how it fits together with the company Divitel.

What is CloudTV?

Many of you may not even know the term CloudTV, yet you probably use it almost every day. Thanks to CloudTV you can use online platforms like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix on your TVs. Plus, with CloudTV you can watch your own videos and downloaded movies wherever you are, because the videos and movies are stored in the cloud and can be played on any device that is signed into the cloud. For example, this also works with your mobile phones. 

The original software CloudTV is from the company “ActiveVideo”. Active Video was founded in 2006 by the merger of two companies. Since then, ActiveVideo started to develop important Cloud technologies, which in the end allowed them to create CloudTV and revolutionize television forever.

In the meantime, many more companies have been able to develop CloudTV technology and continue to evolve the technology so that today’s television is completely different from what it was 10 years ago. In this way, television has been completely redefined.

Without CloudTV, you could use online services like YouTube, Hulu or Netflix only on your computer, which would have prevented platforms like Netflix and Hulu from becoming serious competitors to traditional television. That’s why you can thank companies like ActiveVideo and Divitel for the fact that today you can watch Netflix, Hulu and YouTube on your TV without any problems from your couch.