Getting the right radius on sheet metal is important, especially when it comes to metals with powdered coatings. A smaller radius has significance, especially if you want to achieve an optimal coating at all the edges. There are various ways to achieve an ideal radius on metal sheet parts.

Ways to achieve ideal radius on sheet metal parts

Below are some of the ways of getting the best designs with radius sheet metal parts. If you use these steps, you will achieve the perfect radius, which means high-quality products.

  • Notches and tabs: To obtain the best notches, you need to leave a range of one-eighth of an inch between them. Besides, the notches must be three times the material thickness and radius of the bend.
  • Hems: A hem is a fold at the edge of sheet metal. The tolerance of the material depends on the radius of the hem and the thickness of the material
  • Countersinks: To perfectly design your sheet metal, you need to have countersinks with a distance of at least eight times the material thickness. Besides, for the edges, it should be at least four times the material thickness.