Some people are lucky to have the personal treat to be clean and neat. However, some of us are not. This can be very difficult, especially in your job. The first thing that get messy very quickly is our desk. This is why we want to give you some tips to get a more structured desk! You might think that this is not that important, but we can insure you that with a clean desk, your concentration and productivity will increase enormously!

Personal belongings

When we go to work, we have personal belongings with us that need to go somewhere. Often we put these belongings on our desk. The same thing applies for working from home. However, how easy it is to put it next to you on your desk, it can be very distracting. And you don’t even need it while you are working. Therefore, try to designate a personal belongings corner or drawer when your working. Or at least leave your belongings in a place where you don’t get distracted by them.  

Take as much stuff off your desk

If you want a more structured desk, it is important that you only leave on your desk what you are actually going to use during work. This means that you hide all documents and papers that you don’t need in a document stand and that your pencils are in a drawer somewhere. Tip: you can also scan documents and store them on your computer. This way, you will never loose files again.

Clean desktop

When your desk is clean, your desktop must be as well. Your computer screen can be an absolute nightmare with a maze of icons and files that you haven’t stored yet. This can be very distracting when you are trying to work. Therefore, try to clean your desktop at least once a week.