Investing money always has risks. You never know if you get your money back. You can also earn money, but the same way you can lose all you money. The risks are really big and there is no safe way of investing. There is a way which can provide you with more information. This came to stand because they founded the TCFD. This stands for Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. This is an organization that will provide all the necessary info on risks when investing. Their main focus is climate change because this will play a bigger role every day. It is almost for sure that this will infect the financial markets, but why this is and how it happens will be in the information. This also means everyone can get access to this information and will also be able to use it. This offers some great opportunities as well.



With TCFD they can also confront companies with the climate change risk, but also other risks like: evolving regulations, emerging technologies and shifting consumer behaviour. All these things will be playing a role in the worth of assets. It is not possible to know it all of course, but every bit of information can useful and thus help decide things.