financial services marketing strategy

Marketing is difficult. It is a long and slow process. Marketing takes up copious amounts of time and resources. That’s why you need a sound strategy and proper software to automate the process. Especially financial institutions drown in financial planning and marketing budgets. That’s why Encode had developed a sound financial services marketing strategy to help your company automate marketing workflows.

1. Planning

All of your global and local activities can be easily kept track of when provided with a strong planning framework like Encode software does. Assign budgets to activities and keep a good oversight. Evaluate activities to analyse what worked and what can be better avoided.

2. Management

Let the financial services marketing strategy software delegate tasks to the right employee(s) and onboard relevant stakeholders to each task automatically.

financial services marketing strategy

3. Briefing

Create templates for each stakeholder and relevant division so you can automatically send out rapports and briefs to the correct departments like PR and marketing.

4. Translate

Make use of extremely advanced translation libraries that automatically translate every part of your financial services marketing strategy to the correct target language.

5. Production

Thanks to the massively improved workflows created by step 1 through 4, production is sped up massively. Workers are able to request the right information and pull it directly from a database. Easily allocate resources and allow access to sources for quicker production and automate delivery to the right department or stakeholder.

6. Compliance

Set up automated checks that will scan every piece of content that streams along the financial services marketing strategy channels to test for compliance, validity and authenticity.

7. Execution and publication

View the final result(s) in a structured and insightful overview of the entire campaign. Review the produced content, easily make adjustments or correct mistakes. When everything’s ready, launch the campaign and it automatically gets sent to the right marketing channels.