Road Transport

Roads are straight paths running from one point of departure to the destination, while transportation is the action of moving people or goods. Thus, road transport uses motor vehicles including cars, trucks, bicycles, and lorries to transport people or goods from one point to another. Compared to other transport systems, road transport is cheaper in terms of maintenance than many other forms of transportation available today.

1. Animal transport

This is the oldest means of transport that includes using animals like horses, camels, and donkeys to transport goods and people on roads.

2. Vehicle transport

Vehicles are designed to carry passengers and goods to different destinations. It is the most suitable and preferred form for its convenient time management, speed, and efficiency.

3. Cycling

This is the use of bicycles or motorcycles to move goods or people within a short geographical area. It is one of the cheapest and most reliable forms of transport in a condensed and overcrowded area.

Road Transport

Advantages of transport by road

1. Door to door services

Road usage is the only form of transport that offers services to your doorstep for all the shipping and mail deliveries. With this form of transport, one only needs to load items and drive or cycle to the required destination.

2. Service in rural areas

Most remote areas have marram roads that connect them. Since no other forms of transport are available in those areas, roads continue to dominate and serve these areas that lack other forms of transportation.

3. Appropriate for shorter distances

Roads provide a cheaper and faster means of transporting goods over small distances.

Final thoughts

Without road transport today, transportation would almost be impossible or hard to deliver goods and people from one place to another, making humans entirely dependent on roads for transport.